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The Church of the Nazarene was formed with a united concern of independent holiness churches in 1908 to help people experience Christ in their lives, live holy lives and worship Him as Savior. From the outset, regional areas called districts were formed to help bring organization and direction to the new congregations. Historically the Church of the Nazarene has centered around evangelism---the spiritual concern, compassionate ministry---the social concern for all people, and education---the discipleship learning process from Sunday School to university education.

As the denomination spread over the United States, the people of Wisconsin desired to establish the Church of the Nazarene in our state. On August 4, 1936, General Superintendent J.B. Chapman organized the Wisconsin District Church of the Nazarene with C.T. Corbett as the first District Superintendent.

Over the next several decades the Wisconsin District grew, and today there are 36 local congregations established around the state with the purpose of sharing Jesus and helping people to become disciples.

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