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Pillar I - Passionate Missional Outreach

  • Reaching out to all people groups with the Gospel of Jesus Christ is our passionate mission. Lost and broken people matter to God. Therefore, lost and broken people matter to us.

Pillar II - Leadership Development

  • Assisting all churches to be everything God intends for their missional effectiveness. Managing change in a complex world requires continued development as leaders and disciples of Jesus. Our goal is for each church to develop strategies to help their pastors and church continue to grow in their missional effectiveness.

Pillar III - Vibrant Church Renewal

  • Helping each local church discover new life and vitality in their outreach mission for their community and world. Prayer is the catalyst for transformation, renewal and the expansion of the Lord’s Kingdom. We pray, plan and expect a supernatural invasion of God is our churches.

Pillar IV - New Church Planting

  • Creating a multiplication movement through the planting of new churches. Our goal is to plant 30 new churches by 2025. We foster an environment and enthusiasm for starting new works through churches planting churches. Church plants will begin in different sizes, locations and cultures.

Pillar V - Recruitment

  • Recognizing, developing, training and deploying passionate leaders from our local churches. Potential leaders are in every church gifted for ministry. We want to develop a Wesleyan-Arminian focus for a life of ministry and service.

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